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Web site development

Functional and spectacular design, optimization and security

Are you on the internet?

According to Forbes Magazine:

38% of users close sites that do not attract them with attractive design;

39% stop browsing a slow-loading website.

Do you want your site to be # 2GOOD?

Do you want your site to be #2GOOD?

2GOOD Technologies sites feature functional and effective web design that is relevant to your business, good optimization and security.

Our team works with the CMS-X Content Management System, which enables the client to easily update the web page.

The system is applicable both in the construction of corporate sites and in the implementation of the so-called. landing pages, online stores, blogs and news sites and other projects. 

About CMS-X

  • better speed than competing products;
  • greater security;
  • easy upload of files with drag-n-drop;
  • built-in multilingual support;
  • easy administration panel;
  • built-in file caching system;
  • ability to edit the ALT tag of uploaded photos (admin panel);
  • vast possibilities for flexible custom solutions;
  • the ability to maintain / upgrade from any PHP programmer around the world.
CMS X - custom content management system 
WordPress site development


If you have a lower budget and are looking for a more flexible solution, you can opt for a ready-made platform instead of a custom site.

WordPress lets you choose from a wide range of features and features that can meet most of the needs of your online presence. 

WordPress site maintenance is relatively easy and can also be done by the client

Sites based on a ready-made platform are faster to build, with their downside being limited editing and upgrade capabilities. 

Izrabotka na ueb sajtowe

Our strength

We will help you get out the statistics of "sites that users close"!

When implementing each web site, our team also performs customization of the hosting and the executables of the modules in order to load the relevant pages faster.

Each 2GOOD Technologies branded site also has a responsive mobile browsing version.

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