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We're all on Facebook!

Facebook is the most visited and popular social network in Bulgaria. The platform is also one of the best tools for informal communication with a wide range of potential customers. The social network also has a good range of marketing products and services that help build a positive business image.

What distinguishes "good" corporate Facebook pages?

  • Providing attractive and interesting information to the consumer;
  • User Interaction - when the information provokes the person subscribed to the page to like / share a post;
  • Provoking a positive emotional reaction in the user - sharing personal stories, building a "human" image and image of the corporate unit;
  • Regular updating of the content;
  • Diverse content.

What is a Facebook App?
And why do I need one?

Your corporate Facebook profile guarantees you good visibility and recognition.

Attractive content also includes the increasingly popular Facebook applications.

The 2GOOD Technologies team also offers the development of such applications with various functionalities.

Let us help you?

Our developers have extensive experience in creating mobile apps for Android and iOS.

2GOOD Technologies branded mobile applications feature attractive design, easy-to-use user interface, and a variety of functionalities.


Depending on the needs of your business, we could build together the most appropriate application to be of service to you as well as your customers and partners.

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